I don't know
What will I be
I just know
no matter what I choose
you always are there
smile at me

encourage me to move on
give me the strength
jump out of shithole
you never push me
never judge me
you just
keep the same smile
although i know i am slowing down
I still keep your smile in my heart
that makes me on the track
Am I on the way toward to you?
I don't know....
since that time
you pass the love to me
by the winds' blowing
by the birds' singing
by the bamboos' whispering
I know
you already show the light in my darkness
lead me on the way back home
I only need
I guess....oh..
I think...hmm...
I KNOW....
Is Patience....
Not only wait
also be ready!
~Sahasi (2005)


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SAHASI......the Courage of Inner Journey.

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