The Bigger the tomb, the smaller the man.
The weaker the case, the thicker the brief.
The Deeper the pain, the older the wound.
The graver the loss, the dryer the tears.
The truer the shot, the slower the aim.
The quicker the kiss, the sweeter the taste.
The viler the crime, the vaguer the guilt.
The louder the price, the cheaper the ring.
The higher the climb, the sheerer the slide.
The steeper the odds, the shrewder the bet.
The rarer the chance, the brasher the risk.
The colder the snow, the greener the spring. 
The braver the bull, the wiser the cape.
The shorter the joke, the surer the laugh.
The sadder the tale, the dearer the joy.
The longer the life, the briefer the years.
~by Samuel Hazo     from The Atlantic Monthly

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